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1. Quality Control Services (QCS)


Our Major activity is Non-Destructive Testing.
Quality Control Services (QCS) is a Non Destructive Testing Company that offers industrial testing services to both Saudi and regional industrial markets.
It was setup to have the full qualification of performing almost all NDT inspection processes both at large and small scales and with a highly distinguished level of quality. Although established in Al-Khobar just at the beginning of 2009, QCS has been fully equipped and licensed for all NDT methods. KACST radiation licenses, RSO, Import, etc are all accomplished.
ARAMCO vendor number of both trading and contraction, approval for NDT radiography and other methods, in addition to the safety exams of all radiographers are fully achieved. Moreover, all the essential and supportive equipment; logistic and storage facilities and a transportation navy of various needed types of vehicles were supplied in the company site.
The activities of QCS cover many industrial sectors that include Oil-field, Petro-Chemical, Construction, Fabrication and allied support industries. Among the services that the company offers, Non Destructive Testing is the major activity. QCS offers almost all conventional NDT inspections using the latest models of instruments and materials and following the latest versions of the ASME codes and consequent procedures.

Some of our main conventional services are:

  • Radiographic testing (Gamma rays, X-rays,Crawlers)
  • Ultrasonic testing (Including TKY inspection)
  • Liquid Penetrant testing
  • Magnetic testing
  • Hardness testing
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI)

In addition, we offer, upon request, the following advanced NDT inspections through our affiliates:

  • MetaPhase examination (Phased Array)
  • UT ScanĀ® for pipelines
  • Time Of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)
  • Acoustic Emission (AE)
  • MFL floral scanning testing
  • Tube inspection testing for heat exchangers
  • Eddy current testing
  • Risk Based Inspection (RBI)
  • Post & Pre Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT)

We are also capable to take turnkey project shutdowns, where we can manage shutdowns and turnaround for all plants and factories through our specialized manpower and our affiliates around the world.

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2. UT Quality


We are global leaders in developing innovative NDT services.
UT Quality specializes in delivering fully customized non-destructive testing and inspection services to industrial clients worldwide. Our founders and executive management have been key players in the pipeline inspection industry for decades, and are innovative pioneers of cutting edge inspection technology. With the use of our committed Research and Development section, we strive to continually develop new technologies and innovative application methods which enhance weld quality, improve productivity, and result in significant project savings.
We are global leaders in developing and applying innovative NDT services. Our proprietary AUT system, UTScan, has a proven track record in effectively replacing the ineffective methods of X-Ray and Gamma Ray. Our award-winning R&D group develops proprietary NDT inspection solutions for a multitude of applications.

Research & Development

UT Quality's achievements in the application of industry-leading weld inspection technologies are accredited to our dedicated Research and Development unit: UT Technology. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, UT Technology staffs a wealth of award-winning engineers dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of our proprietary inspection systems. Our R&D facility is responsible for staying on top of the latest industry developments to design the most forward systems available. UTScan is designed, manufactured and serviced completely in-house.

Dedicated Team

Our highly skilled engineering team designs, manufactures and services UTScan and thus has an unparalleled knowledge of the system. This is heightened by direct feedback from operational field personnel on an ongoing basis through our 24/7 support chain. Our team is wholly dedicated to the development and evolution of our revolutionary inspection systems.


  • Automated Ultrasonic Testing
  • Conventional NDT
  • Global NDT Service
  • Knowledge
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3. ISotopes Arabia Ltd.


We are a Premier Distributor for NDT Materials.
Isotopes Arabia Ltd. is a Premier Distributor for Radiography, MPI, DPI, UT and other NDT Materials. We are centrally located in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, allowing us to provide high-quality ndt materials and services. Our specialty is NDT Inspection Products. We stock a full line of industrial radiography, a wide variety of RT MATERIALS for any Industrial application. Additionally, we deal with manpower services(Electrical, Mechanical, and Crane services), assuring us success to the greatest possible. We can deliver your order in just time, we offer quick deliveries across the middle east.
Among the many select items we offer are The products we handle have been utilized for numerous heavy-duty industrial and institutional applications, including those within the petrochemicals and other industrial applications.
From high-quality projectors/cameras and UT Machines, to manpower services, we have the right products to make any finished materials safe, easier, and more efficient. Additionally, we offer preventive maintenance and services for projectors, crank units etc.
we assure you of high-quality service of each equipment, our service engineer is duly certified and trained abroad. We guarantee that every equipment maintained and delivered to our clients works perfectly and safe to use.
Our preventive maintenance software allow us to produce certificate report in various format (.pdf, word, etc.). Once we collected your equipment, you can download your Maintenance Certificate Report to our Database.

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4. Enercon


We are heavy construction contractor with industrial and design-build capabilities.
Energy and Construction Company is a part of AYA family of companies since 2008. We are a privately-held, employee-owned heavy construction contractor with industrial, civil, and design-build capabilities. Since 1978, AYA Contracting is engaged in construcion jobs with organizations like Saudi ARAMCO, SABIC, Saudi Electric as contractor in the fields of construction of buildings, residential compounds, landscaping, bridges, roads, pipeline, installation and upgradation of petrochemical & power industries. At the same time AYA has excellent working relations as sub-contractor with the local and international contractors engaged with ongoing mega projects in the GCC countries.


Our people are our greatest asset. At Energy & Construction Company we create a challenging, safe and rewarding environment that people want to be a part of. Our tradition, stability, and established reputation as a contractor provide long-term career opportunities for our employees. Innovation, leadership, personal integrity, a positive attitude, and a passion for work are essential traits that define individual success in our company.

Ten principles that guide our culture are:

  • We respect the value and contribution of every person.
  • We are ethical and honest.
  • We provide a workplace free from harassment of any kind.
  • We communicate openly and honestly throughout the organization.
  • We believe that teams, not individuals, are the essential unit of this organization.
  • We recognize the value and importance of balance between work and family.
  • We believe that in quality work.
  • We recognize and reward performance.
  • We want to be the best. Not the biggest. The BEST!


It is our mission to be a civil, and industrial engineering constructor committed to providing maximum customer satisfaction. Utilizing our unique capabilities to provide innovative quality solutions, we will be the lowest cost provider of services in all our markets. Performing large scale and complex projects requires maintaining the highest standards of quality.

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5. Testco-sa


We are independent inspection, testing and certification organization
We are independent inspection, testing, verification and certification organization providing its services across most business and industrial sector. We provide these services to local and international customers specifically here in SAUDI ARABIA and the neighboring GULF REGION. We are committed to operate in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System Requirements) and in particular it aims to satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers and achieve continual improvement in the delivery of its service.
As an independent third party private inspection company in KSA, TEST will provide most professional, safe and quality inspection services across Saudi Arabia. TEST was established based on the needs to provide experienced professionals providing quality inspection services to the customers like (SAUDI ARAMCO, SABIC, SAMREF, SASREF, SATORP, etc). TEST strictly uses and applies well known international safety standards for Elevating & Lifting Equipment Inspection services. Also uses SAUDI ARAMCO safety and Inspection requirements as referred from various GI's (General Instruction) and as well as independent international companies safety standards.
Our inspectors experience and technical proficiency allows them to command a leading position to all Inspection services around Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our inspectors will provide a fair, honest and objective visual inspection results based upon the true condition of your equipment. They can perform inspection at any sites and understanding of what safety means, saving lives and prevents accident in your job sites.
Testing Equipment Specialist Team Company (TEST) is the leading inspection,verification, testing and certification company, recognized for Quality and Safety; we are constantly looking beyond customers expectations in order to deliver market leading services wherever they are needed. As the leader in providing specialized business solutions that improve Quality, Safety and productivity and reduce risk. Our independent services add significant value to our customers operations and ensure business sustainability.

Our Vision

To be the most competitive and the most productive service organization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our Mission

To be one of the leading Elevation & Lifting Equipment inspection and Technical service provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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6. Sky Pumps Est.


We provide pumping and dewatering solution for all applications .
Sky Dewatering has extensive experience in delivering dewatering solutions and know-how for the MENA and Saudi Arabian region. Sky Dewatering specializes in wellpoint dewatering and deep well dewatering systems for groundwater control. We can provide prompt solution in line with the customer's requirement and have a varied range of dewatering plant and equipment to render dewatering services for immediate hire or sale. The equipment fleet includes a range of self - priming centrifugal dewatering pumps, a range of bore hole deep well pumps as well and a full selection of dewatering accessories.
Dewatering in the coastal region development within Saudi is a critical and responsible construction scope of your project. We would propose you to have efficient groundwater control system installed on site, which could avoid possible unforeseen ground related issues during excavation. If professional help is not taken with regards to the dewatering services that could lead to costly and difficult problems, with serious implications for the project and operator Health and Safety. That's where Sky Dewatering can support you and offer a professional and cost effective dewatering solution.
Sky Dewatering provides the broad pump hire range, regional coverage and specialist expertise to solve the challenging pumping problems faced by the water industry, local agencies and other water handling service providers across Saudi Arabia and Gulf States.
We provide a range of hire pumps and pump expertise to support a range of complex industrial and manufacturing processes - including petrochemicals. Whether its for one off specialist processes, for waste management or for temporary cover for fixed pump installation repairs and maintenance, we have a range of pump hire solutions to assist you.

We can provide the following:

  • Overall site survey and assessment.
  • Wide range of pumps and ancillary equipment for hire.
  • Can cater to various fluid pumping application.
  • We are committed to service diesel hire pumps every 2 weeks.
  • We constantly work towards providing full support and cover the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Capable to provide economical pumping solutions and expertise on projects large and small.
  • We adhere to the HSE requirements and respect the Kingdom of Saudi Arabian eco-friendly standards.
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